The 2023/2024 National Service personnel who are currently doing their service at the Takoradi Technical University have been given a one-day orientation organized by the Human Resource Directorate to guide their stay. The 207 National Service Personnel were oriented on topics including the Role of the National Service Personnel, the Structure of the University’s Channels of Communication, TTU Work Culture, Time Management, and the University Anthem.

Giving the purpose of the Orientation, the Pro Vice Chancellor of TTU, Prof. Victor Kweku Bodzie-Micah said orientation for national service personnel in the University has become a tradition that guarantees the successful stay of personnel even beyond their service.

“The orientation process has become an important exercise for the University because we need to know more about you, and you also need to know the dos and don’ts of the University. Your departments also need to know more about you”, he noted.

The Pro Vice Chancellor who took the personnel through the Structure of the University’s Channels of Communication encouraged service personnel to respect University structure of reporting.

“If you find yourself in a position in a Department or a Unit and you have an issue, you have to follow the structure of reporting. Fortunately, we have the Appeals Board that if you’re not happy with how your concern was handled, you can go to the Appeals Board for redress after exhausting all relevant channels. So if you jump the process and bring me a letter of concern for redress, I will return your letter. If you know the Vice Chancellor, it does not mean you can just go to him”, he advised.

Speaking on the Role of the National Service Personnel at the Orientation, the Registrar of TTU, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, said National Service Personnel can do so much to support the University in achieving its set objectives.

“The University is expected to do community service and we can rely on you to do that community service. Some of you, especially those who completed TTU might have so much influence that can be useful to our community service….all of you have a role to play in our activities such as sports etc”, he said.

On how the University can assist Service Personnel to do their work to help the University realize its purpose, Dr. Abnory urged the Service Personnel to acquaint themselves with rules and regulations of the University.

“you need to understand our rules and regulations very well. You need to be really integrated into our system so you don’t create problems or get into problems. Know your boundaries, what you’re supposed to do and those you’re not supposed to do”, he cautioned.

The Registrar also gave a highlight of the behaviour service personnel must possess throughout their stay which he summarized as the principle of ABC.

“For you to make it in life as a young person, please watch your attitude, behaviour and conduct because anything you do will forever follow you or hunt you. So your attitude to work and others is important, therefore watch your attitude, behaviour and conduct in whatever you do.”, he noted.

To help keep the University clean and reduce the cost of cleaning, the Registrar further conscientized the National Service Personnel to pick whatever they drop.

Also speaking on the work culture of TTU, the Head of the Public Affairs Directorate, Solomon Kwaku Owusu advised the service personnel to embrace the culture of TTU to make their service a success.

“every group of people have something or a culture that differentiate them from others. Your attitude and behaviour you bring to your work will add to our work culture as an institution…Each staff adds up to the work culture of the institution and this is also informed by the set goals of the university.”, he said.

Solomon Kweku Owusu further urged the personnel to respect students who are the core stakeholders of the university and show honesty, integrity, and commitment to work.

“Commitment is very important in everything because without commitment, you may abandon your goals when you meet obstacles on the way”, he pointed out.

He further advised the personnel to be punctual at work and acquaint themselves with the code of ethics of the university and be good ambassadors of TTU.

On time management, the Head of Human Resource, Kenneth Boateng urged service personnel to take time management seriously.

“If you don’t take time management seriously, it can affect everything you do…As human beings, we operate within time frames and we must respect it to be efficient and productive”, he said.

Other administrative staff of TTU also took the service personnel through some need-to-know subjects.

The 2023/2024 National Service Orientation ended with an open forum where students had the opportunity to ask questions.




Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson