Centre for Business Development and Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the Centre for Business Development and Entrepreneurship of Takoradi Technical University. More interesting things are happening at the Centre in terms of Capacity building and business development. As we are all aware, one of the challenges facing the world today is that unemployment is on the rise and there are fewer jobs in the markets places especially for young people. Business and skilled development offers opportunity for people to be employed creates jobs and generates income as well as provides solution to help tackle the various challenges that inherent in every society. This means that, Business and skilled development is critical for the growth of every country. The Centres mandate of building capacity is a good thing.

The Centre for Business Development and Entrepreneurship (CBDE) is a unit of Takoradi Technical University, which was established in 2016 to facilitate and improve in income generating activities and also to provide customised needs-based services to entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs with the aim of facilitating their competitiveness. The centre, through its network of partners serve as a catalyst in improving service delivery to our existing and future businesses, and especially help students’ who are willing to take entrepreneurship as career option, community based organisations, young entrepreneurs and nascent entrepreneurs in start-ups businesses and existing cooperate entrepreneurs to develop their potentials and grow their businesses.

Mission Statement
The mission statement of CBDE is ‘Helping people to help themselves’ through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Vision Statement
To become the leading centre in the university to groom young entrepreneurs, assist existing businesses by organising capacity/skilled development training programmes that inculcate new strategies and techniques in the business establishment. It also provides services and support that will enable Takoradi Technical University (TTU) to become the leading environment for small business success in the country. The centre also helps entrepreneurs and students who want to establish their own businesses to increase their capacity to take advantage of new business opportunities and qualify for financing that will lead to higher levels of business growth.

Core Values:
1. Entrepreneurship: Promoting new business in TTU by encouraging creativity, fostering strategic risk-taking and enhancing ability to succeed.
2. Excellence: Exceeding stakeholder expectations by achieving results, demonstrating leadership, leveraging our resources and expertise.
3. Integrity: Building our reputation by being accountable, credible, ethical, and respectful.
4. Innovation: Fostering a culture of creativity by embracing dynamism and continuous learning.
5. Customer Service: Delivering results and fostering diversity by being responsive, adding value and providing solutions.
6. Collaboration: Building lasting partnership by promoting information exchange between stakeholders, fostering networking and encouraging teamwork.

List of Departments
1. Consultancy Section
2. Skills Development and Short Courses Section
3. Strategy and Marketing Section

Advisory services
CBDE provides one-on-one, needs-based services and may include but are not limited to:
1. Skill Development training/Capacity building
2. Business Plan Development
3. Financial advice
4. Marketing & Sales
5. Feasibility Studies

One of the CBDE core services is our trainings/workshops which cover an array of topics aimed at facilitating the formalisation of the operations of small businesses throughout the university community and beyond.
Training topics include:
– Trainings/workshops-are developed and modified based on the needs of participants.  A needs-analysis survey is developed and analysed with the purpose of developing an effective and needs-based bi-annual training programs.
– Starting up a Business – aimed at equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to establish own business.
– Business Plan Development (Narrative) –educates individuals about the importance of a business plan in establishing as well as operating a business while enabling them to effectively write a business plan.
– Marketing & Sales – aimed at equipping participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop an effective brand and develop labels and packaging that attracts customers and therefore improve sales of their products/services and or while ensuring profitability
– Costing & Pricing –equips participants with knowledge, skills, and capabilities necessary to determine all costs related to the production of their goods or services and to consequently apply an adequate price that encompasses all the costs and allows them to make a profit while still being feasible for customers.
– Basic Bookkeeping –educates participants on how to keep financial records of their activities while enabling them to use that information to make better decisions/ increase profits for their business. 
– Financial Statement Analysis –enables participants to identify, prepare and use the four basic financial statements to tell the status of their business.



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