About Our University


This university crest is a symbolic of excellence in technical and vocational education in manpower training and action research in order to provide support to industry and commerce in the areas of human resource and information development. As Government conversion of polytechnics into technical university, Takoradi Technical University (TTU) formerly known as Takoradi Polytechnic aims at promoting industrialization and economic development for the Western Region and Ghana in general.


The philosophy which sets this crest is based on the dynamic or vibrant learning environment that exemplifies the principles of technical and vocational education. This underlies the activity-based, project-driven approach that involves students in problem solving as they develop knowledge and skills and gain experience in the technological and vocational subject area of their choice.


This crest incorporates cogwheel, open book, adinkrah symbol, two circles, sea and waves. The cogwheel and the sea has a blue colour. The yellow background merges with the sea waves and the sky through the adinkrah symbol whiles the red ring circle lies on it. The open white book with red-outlined colour rests on the red adinkrah symbol appears in the centre of the crest.

Interpretation of Logo

The crest interprets excellence in technical and vocational education in manpower training and action research.

The 12 realms of cardinal points of the cogwheel symbolizes the sky, divided into 12, which has each portion ruled by a personification, a god, a divine being, a teacher, a prophet or a son of the sun. This 12 realms create the source of power for acceleration, speed and direction of academic excellences for the institution.

The royal blue colour symbolizes honesty and trustworthiness of its members and the nature of global world of technological education and training undertaken at the institution.

An open book with white and red-outlined colour set on adinkrah symbol is a vehicle which records and perpetuate timeless truth, wisdom and knowledge for the benefit of both current and future generations. Again the book in the crest is a permanent remembrance of thoughts, theory and practice that have been passed from great leaders of the institution throughout the changing ages of time. The written pages symbolize the unwritten future and events which have not yet come to pass, reminding us, therefore, that all options and outcomes still remain open. It also represents a destiny yet to be fulfilled; a story yet to be told, decisions and choices yet to be made; dreams still to be pursued and adventure still in progress.

The esoteric significance of Adinkra symbol “Ntesie” or “Mate masie” (literally, “I have heard and I have kept it”) a Ghanaian cultural symbol which is set in the centre of the crest represents wisdom, knowledge and prudence of taking into consideration what another person has said. This again connotes or forms a spiritual or sacred reminiscent bond between the traditional customs of the land, community and the institution which shared a mutual bond across time.

The blue sea with yellow wavy stripes represents the location of the institution near coastal area of Sekondi-Takoradi metropolis in the western region of Ghana.

The red ring circle colour symbolizes hard work and personal sacrifices which underlie success in all endeavours.

The rich yellow colour encapsulates wealth that results from the application of the skills and knowledge acquired through the unique education at the institution.

The motto: “Nsa, Akoma na adwen ma mpuntu” (the hand, heart and mind) literally, skills and knowledge engender development



Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson