Centre for Languages and Liberal Studies (CELLIBS)

The Centre for Languages and Liberal Studies (CELLIBS) which until 2017 was Department of Liberal Studies under the Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology affords flexibility and vitality that complement existing services of other departments. It is intended to serve as an engine of innovation and research that augments scholarship and services within and outside the University. The vision of the Centre is to be a pre-eminent provider of comprehensive spectrum of knowledge in various liberal arts courses and programmes that are locally relevant for social development. CEELLIBS is a strategic forerunner in the provision of support services to the University community through translation services, review and editing of University documents as well as documents from clients outside the University. It also facilitates the delivery of and acquisition of functional knowledge in African Studies, Communication Skills, English Language, French, Chinese, Entrepreneurship, Law and Research Methodology.

The mission of the Centre is to:
– conduct quality research within the outside of the University;
– provide knowledge in a wide range of liberal and arts courses and programmes through teaching, research and provision of community services, including consultations;
– provide tuition and other services in African Studies, Communication Skills, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Languages, Law, Research Methods and other disciplines across the University;
– roll out innovative and relevant programmes and courses to meet the ever-changing social demands;
– enhance the academic and scholarly mission of the University;
– source sponsorships and funding for relevant activities;
– create distinctive and internationally-recognised contributions to the advancement of fundamental knowledge and scholarship towards the provision of solutions to the most pressing challenges of Ghana and the rest of the world; and
– establish mutually-beneficial partnerships with the Ghanaian community and other institutions of higher learning, so as to ensure active participation in various engagements of the Centre and the University.



Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson