Centre for Gender and Advocacy


Takoradi Technical University is committed to promoting a varied, scholarly community in which people are cherished, esteemed, and treated equitably. Its pursuit to achieve excellence in teaching and research requires an academic environment in which staff and students from a wide range of backgrounds can flourish irrespective of class, race or gender.

Takoradi Technical University opposes discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnic or national origins, employment status, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, age, religious and ethical belief. The creation of Centre for Gender and Advocacy (CGA) has been inspired by the overwhelming demand to correct the discrepancies in academia with regards to issues of equality amongst the sexes. The establishment of CGA is to guide the University in bridging various gender gaps which spans from representation of women at the student and staff levels, relatively low productivity (research) of female faculty, understanding of gender equity/equality among members of the university community, sexual harassment among staff and students, inadequate support for women to combine their personal and professional lives.



CGA aims to project Takoradi Technical University’s obligation and responsibility to gender equity and equality as stated in the Takoradi Technical University Corporate Strategic Plan 2021-2025. It also reflects the Constitution of Ghana (The 1992 Constitution, Chap.5; Art. ii.) and supports the Convention of the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW, 1998) and the Sustainable Development Goals in general and particular SDG 5 on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. It also reflects the African Union Gender Policy Commitments adopted in 2020 by all forum members as part of the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa [SDGEA] i.e., African Women’s Decade 2010-2020 and as their specific undertaking in respect to the Global Platform for Action endorsed in Beijing (1995) and the UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Article 2 (1948).



CGA will guide the Takoradi Technical University in its actions to eradicate obstacles and gender disparity within the University Community. CGA shall create a framework that will assist the University to encourage gender equality amongst all staff and student activities. It will also ensure equitable participation and appropriate representation of both genders in all its decision-making processes.



The following are the core values of the CGA:

a) The University is sensitive to gender issues and committed to addressing gender imbalances in enrolment of students and staff employment

b) Women and men are to be valued equally in all dimensions of the University’s work and provide equitable opportunities for development

c) The University is committed to building an all-inclusive academic community which provides the opportunity for all persons to develop their full potentials irrespective of disability, socio-cultural background and sex.



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