Lecturers of Takoradi Technical University have been challenged to encourage students to have big dreams and assist them to also nurture their dreams into entrepreneurship ventures.

The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Cape Coast, Prof. Mrs. Sarah Darkwa gave the call while delivering the 70th Anniversary Convocation Lecture of Takoradi Technical University on the theme; “Educating Future Leaders: The Significance of Entrepreneurship Education in Equipping Graduates for Success in the Professional Arena”.

Prof. Mrs. Darkwa who shared the meaning of entrepreneurship to include building something, starting something or translating something into something said there should be an intentional effort to develop Ghana’s next generation of entrepreneurs and therefore emphasized the role of lecturers in entrepreneurship education.

“Preparing graduates for the world of work has become increasingly complex due to the rapid evolution of industries, the rise of technology, and the dynamic nature of the global economy. Through entrepreneurship education, students learn to identify problems, think crlically, and devise innovative solutions…encourage students to have big dreams and help them to develop them. That is the only way entrepreneurship education can be successful,” she urged.

While establishing the relationship between entrepreneurship and employability, Prof. Mrs. Darkwa said that many countries have solved the problems of graduate unemployment hence challenged lecturers to help develop skills of students which is sought after by industry.

“This ability to innovate is highly sought after in the job market, as companies continuously seek ways to stay competitive and meet changing customer needs. Help students to recognize opportunities to create and build something from nothing and how to use their talents,” she said.

Highlighting how entrepreneurs are built or how one can become an entrepreneur, she said entrepreneurship education involves mentorship, continuous learning, adaptation, modification and more critically is the need to commit to intensive researching as well as networking.

In addition to advising students to be confident and invest time and resources in things that makes them more resourceful or profitable in the future, the Dean of UCC’s School of Graduate Studies said Technical University lecturers are better placed to prepare students more practically since entrepreneurship is hands on.

“Entrepreneurship education is not just about preparing students to start their businesses. It’s about cultivating a versatile skill set that is applicable across various careers and industries. By fostering a growth mindset, enhancing problem-solving abilities, promoting creativity, and providing practical experience,” she suggested.

On the impact of entrepreneurship on the economy, she said “entrepreneurship creates new markets, increases national income, individual earnings and addresses unemployment”

Prof. Mr. Sarah Darkwa who indicated that automation and artificial intelligence threatens jobs therefore mentioned that the only way out is for entrepreneurship education to help students to think creatively.

Responding to a question of whether or not to start a business with a loan, she said “It depends on the type of business or the terms of the loan. It depends on the risk level of the business too”.

The Vice Chancellor of Takoradi Technical University, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun, commended Prof. Mrs. Dankwa for her life changing presentation. He said entrepreneurship is at the core of TTU’s vision hence the topic of entrepreneurship is a testament of the University’s commitment to entrepreneurship.

“topic for this year’s lecture series confirms Takoradi Technical University’s (TTU) commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial skills for tomorrow’s generation. It is evident in our partnerships with industry leaders, students’ industrial attachments and our support for student-led initiatives. We believe that by equipping our students with the tools and mindset of entrepreneurship, we are preparing them to be the future leaders who will drive economic growth, create jobs, and contribute to the betterment of society…Our ultimate goal in TTU to ensure that our graduates are not only well-versed in their chosen fields but also equipped with the entrepreneurial spirit that will enable them to thrive in an ever-changing world,” he said.

Reacting to concerns of why Technical Universities like TTU are not producing more entrepreneurs and innovators, Rev. Prof. Eshun said the problem is largely the limitations place on TU’s by regulators, a situation he is taking steps to help address.

“If you look at the world intellectual property rankings, Africa has 5%, America has 30% with China leading. There is something wrong with our education system and I’m discussing with our regulators, and I’m going to lead it here. We have to collaborate, thus faculties have to team up with other faculties to innovate so that we can realize our vision to become a true centre of excellence for TVET education with societal relevance,” he added.

The Registrar of TTU, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory adding his voice to the relevance of the 70th Anniversary Convocation Lecture said great institutions that have excelled have constantly engaged their stakeholders, hence the convocation lecture to help deepen TTU’s engagement with it’s stakeholders.

Dr. Adelaide Spio-Kwofie who is Convocation Chairperson, on her part noted that the lecture strengthens TTU’s vision for the future, and therefore asked participants to commit to the knowledge shared at the lecture.

Participants had the privilege to ask questions for clarification as well as contributed to the topic.




Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson