The International Programmes and External Linkages Office of Takoradi Technical University, IPELO, has organized a 2-day research workshop to support TTU staff who are currently pursuing PhD and Masters Programmes at the Durban University of Technology, DUT.

The research workshop, themed: “Revivifying the Research Gains Made through Rigorous Academic Support of Staff on DUT Programmes: The role of IPELO of TTU”, was to enable them to complete their research projects on time and to meet publication requirements that accompany their studies.

The workshop featured experts in the field of research, publishing and article reviewing. They took participants through areas including gleaning Research Articles from Thesis, Conducting Systematic Literature Reviews, Writing Concept Papers, and Publishing with Acceptable Outlets.

The Dean of TTU’s IPELO, Prof. Ramos Asafo-Adjei took participants through detailed discussions on the step-by-step approach to research and that provided comprehensive view of the complexities of research writing and publishing.

Dr. Eric Kwadwo Amissah who is the Vice Dean of IPELO, advised participants to collaborate with fellow researchers to get diverse perspectives to enhance the quality and depth of their research publications.

“There should be interdisciplinary collaborations. These days research is not done individually…Diverse opinions helps us to reach a point that individually, you cannot reach. For example, I’m a graphic design lecturer, looking or observing a situation in graphics in terms of communication skills, why can’t I go out with linguistics lecturer to write, bring my observation from the graphic design, he brings his observation from communication skills and then we write together, so you see blend that people read that hit the point.”, he stated.

He also advocated for institutions to support researchers in pursuing their writing ambitions because it will elevate the institution’s image. Additionally, he appealed to experienced researchers to assist and guide emerging and young researchers.

“I think the institutions that we find ourselves in, for example TTU should encourage researchers or aspiring researchers to pursue their desire in writing to make the university visible. When you write and publish, you make the university visible because some of these publishers of articles will ask you to send your institutional email, thereby making your institution visible. Also we will plead with seasoned researchers to assist upcoming researchers in other for others to mention their names.”, he added.

Director for TTU’s Institute of Distance Learning and Continuous Studies, Prof. Kweku Sarfo Ankamah, on his part encouraged participants to seize the opportunity benefit from the objectives of the training.

“I feel this workshop is very important and it’s timely, and I encourage you all to actively participate and renew our minds, refresh ourselves, bring new life to the concept of research that we already have and I’m sure we will get there.”

The workshop provided benefits not only to DUT students at TTU but also extended its advantages to other DUT students in South Africa who had the privilege of participating via Zoom.




Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson