Department of Fashion Design and Technology

Dr. (Mrs.) Scholastica Wompakeah Azuah, HOD


The Department of Fashion Design and Technology is one of the six (6) academic divisions of the Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology, Takoradi Technical University. It was introduced during the upgrading of the then state owned Polytechnics and now Technical Universities in Ghana to provide tertiary education in the area of clothing and textile.

Students in this field are trained to develop creative skills in producing appropriate outfits. This involves designing of clothing, production of patterns and construction of suitable garments for occasions. Each type of clothing is accessorised by appropriate items. Millinery and accessories/leather work (are) is introduced to equip students to design complete outfits.

As a complement, students are taught hair styling, makeup, beauty therapy and spa work to enable them apply a holistic approach in handling their potential diverse clientele. Students are also taken through fashion illustration to improve their technical presentation and good working practices. For students to acquire requisite skills in marketing, they get trained in Fashion Merchandising which specifically deals with the promotion and sales of fashion products. They are also taken through basic legal principles to enable them register and protect businesses. At the end of the three-year period, there is the final exhibition of graduates’ collection and a grand fashion show to crown the skills acquired.

The vision of the Department is to be a leading and world class centre of excellence for applied industrial research into practical fashion design and production.

The Department’s mission is to train high-quality manpower for the fashion industry.

The main purpose of the Department is to train learners to become endowed with the requisite knowledge, skills and competences for making innovative clothes, accessories and dress forms; the Department additionally aims to train candidates to enable them to decorate homes and event centres.

The principal goal of the programme is to facilitate well trained career-oriented manpower equipped with modern technologies, entrepreneurial and managerial skills for self employment in the fashion industrial sub-sector.
The objectives of the programme include preparing students to:

1.Develop broad technical education and training in related programmes of fashion design and technology;
2. Aid trainees to gain meaningful employment in garment, accessories, beauty, textiles, event management and decoration fields;
3. Develop adequate knowledge based skills and competences to enable graduates participate fully in the socio-economic development of the nation; as well as
4. Promote the use of local and exotic resources for the design and production of acceptable costumes for global patronage.



Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

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