The Vice Chancellor of Takoradi Technical University, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun on Monday June 12th, 2023 kicked-off a three-day faculty tour of the University.

The tour which is expected to end on Thursday June 15th, 2023 has the agenda to foster cordial peer-dialogue between the faculties and the Vice Chancellor. It will also discuss relevant subjects including Leadership issues, Role of Heads of Department, Human Resource issues such as appraisal, motivation, team work, discipline, students and financial management.

Vice Chancellor and Registrar at Faculty durbar

Speaking on the first day of the faculty tour at the Faculty of Business Studies at the Butumajebu Campus, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun called for better and respectable lecturer-student relationship for students to find it attractive to comeback to do further studies after their programmes.

“Let us manage the students well. We need to train quality students for national development”, he advised.

On the Role of HoDs in respect to academic programmes, the Vice Chancellor said CTVET is seeking to rollout its HND programmes and therefore challenged all HoDs to stick to the set deadline for HoDs to also develop the University’s own HND programmes since most existing HND programmes are outdated.

Rev. Prof. Eshun also speaking on ensuring efficient and effective administration of the faculties, challenged the HoDs to crack the wipe where necessary.

“HoD’s must be confident and bold in taking decisions. If a lecturer is not attending lectures, you must be bold to tell him. I know some of the lecturers don’t even follow the timetable for instance“, he said.

While assuring the faculties of support to carry out their mandate, he said management stand committed to resourcing the faculties to do their work.

“We are going to enhance the teaching environment to enable to you to have all you need to teach“, he added.

The Vice Chancellor further advised faculty members to bury their differences and share for the development of the department and the university.

More-so, he encouraged faculty members to nurture stakeholder-engagement to help establish collaborations that benefit the faculty and the university.

The Registrar of TTU, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory who was part of the Vice Chancellor’s delegation to the School of Business Studies, urged faculty members to acquaint themselves with the University statutes and the scheme of service as well as international best practices.

He said the work of the HoD is critical to the success of the VC, hence the need for HoDs to up their performance and also ensure their activities give good branding to the University

“We have an institution to develop and we must make sure that we do our things such that if one TU is to be mentioned, it must be TTU”, he said.

Dr. Abnory also conscientize faculty members to help the university to cutdown on utility expenditure.

“Let’s also spend some time to talk to the students on proper use of utilities and logistics…If for instance your lecture is the last for the day, please ensure the lights and Air-conditioners are put off”, he added.

Faculty members also had the opportunity to ask questions, give suggestions and seek clarity on issues.

Day-two of the VC’s faculty tour would be at the Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology, Applied Sciences & Centre for Languages and Liberal Studies.

The Vice Chancellor would however end his three-day faculty tour at the Faculty of Engineering & Built and Natural Environment.




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