Takoradi Technical University has welcomed the newly appointed GIZ representative to the University, Markus Hilgis. Hilgis, who is a development worker, will be assuming the role for the next two and a half years, succeeding Prof. Kariman Taghi, the former GIZ representative who served for three-year tenure.

The newly appointed GIZ representative, Markus Hilgis was accompanied to TTU by Silke Pastner, Commission Manager of GIZ, Maria Fountoukis, Finance Manager of GIZ, and Marta Brignone, European Delegate to Ghana.

Speaking at the welcome event, Vice Chancellor of TTU, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun assured Hilgis of the university’s full support as he embarks on his new role. The Vice Chancellor commended Prof. Taghi for his achievements and expressed optimism that his replacement would continue in the same vein.

“We want to thank GIZ for our relationship for the past years. Prof. Taghi for the past years did extremely well, as he left a big shoe here that Markus has to manage well. We are happy Markus is here with us. We heard a year ago that he was coming so we had to take him through all the processes. We thank God he is here, and we are ready to work with him and I believe he will do more than what Taghi did,” he said.

Rev. Prof. Eshun told the delegation that the university’s recent matriculated students has over 70% pursuing TVET programmes which requires practical work. He therefore pleaded with the new GIZ representative to help with the establishment of more laboratories and workshops which will enhance their practical works.

“TTU is one of the biggest technical universities in Ghana. Just last week we matriculated 7,244 freshmen to come and read programmes here and 79% of them did TVET. This means we need to get more labs and equipment for hands-on activities for the students, so that they will be able to create business for themselves and employ others. We are therefore looking forward to winning more projects from GIZ,” he pleaded.

Dean of IPELO, Prof. Ramos Asafo Adjei, expressed optimism with the continued partnership with GIZ, citing some past successes, and hoping for further growth and benefits.

“We have anxiously been waiting for Hilgis’ arrival because the partnership has been fantastic. The sort of benefits that the university has acquired from this partnership cannot be overstated. In that regard, we envision that with you coming in, we are going to see more gains going forward. Thus, the partnership is going to be strengthened as we move forward,” he stated.

On his part, the newly appointed GIZ representative, Markus Hilgis, expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him and pledged dedication to his role, noting his confidence in building strong relationships.

“Thank you very much for the upfront trust you put in me. I hope I will fulfil all your expectations which is very high, and Professor Taghi is crowned for. I will put all my efforts in working with you. I have my own personality as well, I’m a different person from Taghi. I might have different approaches but I’m very confident that we will build a relationship and we will know each other a little bit better,” he assured.

Silke Pastner, Commission Manager of GIZ, expressed confidence in Markus, noting his extensive experience in development and international cooperations. Pastner reaffirmed GIZ’s commitment to providing support and fostering innovation while acknowledging the challenges that come with academia. 

“I want to commend you in taking that step because I know academia is not easy to navigate and to be very flexible in as much as you want. If the project will be able to help you with that and create platforms for being a bit more creative and courageous in taking steps forward, then we are there to support,” she emphasized. 

She added that most of the project to be done is funded by the European Union, and was happy with the presence of Marta Brignone, the European Delegate to Ghana, as she will be able to survey the sites where the projects will be taking place.

The GIZ delegation were presented souvenirs from the University.




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