A farewell ceremony has been held in honour of Prof. Karimian Taghi, a development worker of GIZ (Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit), a German development agency, after three years of successfully leading the implementation of series of projects at Takoradi Technical University.

Prof. Taghi through TTU’s International Programmes and External Linkages Office, IPELO and in collaboration with other Directorates of the University over the period of his stay implemented projects including the Skills for Girls Project, resourcing of Plumbing and Gas Laboratories, Compression Machine Workshop, Water Laboratory as well as support for the Centre for Gender and Advocacy Unit among others at the University.

Vice Chancellor of TTU, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun on behalf of management expressed appreciation to Prof. Taghi for his impactful service to the University. He lauded him for helping to bridge the gap in academia-industry cooperation and for his ability to accommodate cultural differences.

“Prof. Taghi came here to solve a problem. He saw a gap in academia and industrial partnership, which is why he came to help address it, and I want to say that he has actually passed. We are ready to let you go now. You have worked so well. You were able to integrate cultural differences, and this is the success we are seeing today. I want to say that management and the University are very grateful for the things that you have done and we hope the person who comes after you will be able to fit into your shoes.”, he noted.

Rev. Prof. Eshun however expressed gratitude to GIZ for embracing TTU and the hoped that GIZ will provide the institution with other project opportunities.

Also speaking at the event, TTU’s Director for Research and Innovation, and formerly of IPELO, Prof. Maame Afua Nkrumah, acknowledged that through Prof. Taghi, TTU received €50,000 from GIZ the previous year, and thanked him for the fruitful relationship with GIZ which keeps improving.

“We thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with GIZ. We have had very good personal relationship with you. When he goes everywhere, he says I come from TTU, so I think it’s right to show our appreciation for the good work he has done.  There are many people who are sent somewhere and do not make an impact, but from my own experience with him, I think Taghi has made a great impact at TTU, and we pray the person who replaces him will come and do good work like he did,” she said.

Director of IPELO, Prof. Ramos Asafo-Adjei, on behalf of the international office, expressed gratitude to Prof. Taghi for his effort and commitment to the university. He praised him for his dedication, sincerity and willingness to continue to help even after he is gone.

“You are just passionate about what you do, and that is one thing I have personally learnt from you. It’s because of this that you have been able to accomplish what you have accomplished and in the same way have gotten us together today to celebrate you in the little way we can. I will say on behalf of management and the international office, we are very grateful for everything that you have done”, he said.

Prof. Karimian Taghi of GIZ, in response to the various commendations from TTU expressed his appreciation to the university. He noted that teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect allowed him to accomplish his assignment.

“I have felt the positive spirit during my stay here with you. Wherever I go, I will remember TTU, which will forever be in my heart and mind. I wish to have the same reception I had here wherever I find myself in the future”, he said.

Through his 3-year stay, Prof. Taghi also assisted TTU in the identification of technical training required for teaching staff and supported Ghana TVET Voucher Project in implementing and coordinating CBT training courses and many others.

The Vice Chancellor on behalf of TTU by show of appreciation presented some items to Prof. Taghi as a token of appreciation for his good work. Some of the items presented were mugs, 12 yards of school clothe, among other souvenirs from the University.




Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson