Be good ambassadors of TTU-Registrar to service personnel

The Registrar of Takoradi Technical University, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory has urged the outgoing National Service Personnel who have completed their mandatory national service with TTU to be good ambassadors of the university wherever they would find themselves. Speaking at a sendoff event for the 244 Service Personnel, Dr. Abnory challenged them to make whatever they have learnt during their stint at the university be a light wherever they go.

“The little that TTU has given you, go out there knowing that you are an individual from a family. Make sure that you are always proud of yourself because of your attitude and behaviour. Make your family so proud that they will not regret for investing in you and make TTU proud because you are either one we have produced or you came somewhere to stay with us for a year and you have associated with us…So more or last, you are a part of us whether you came from outside or not, you are part of TTU and TTU name will forever follow you. Let’s make ourselves proud. Let’s make TTU proud”, he said.

While advising the personnel to also utilize the network they have established during their service period, the registrar commended them for their all-important contributions to work during their stay with TTU.

“Whatever you’ve done to TTU is not for TTU, is for yourself. If you have contributed positively in moving TTU forward, you and I stand to benefit from our actions. Yes TTU is also privileged to have had you. Otherwise, within the one year period, a lot of other things could have happened if you were not here. So, we are happy and grateful for the services you have provided for us. I see it as a call to serve humanity which is good and beautiful“, he added.

By way of helping to equip the Service Personnel for the world awaiting them, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory advised them against relying on just their Intelligence Quotient, IQ, but rather build their Emotional Intelligence, EQ, to succeed.

“After you move out of TTU to the wider world, apart from your natural IQ that has made you who you are, there is one thing that you and I would have to search to make us as complete, especially in this era where jobs are not available. That has to do with your Emotional Intelligence. Your IQ has given you the skills and the knowledge your personality has given you, the character and attitude. What you need most going forward is your EQ that will give you your performance and your success. So leave here with this at the back of your mind. How do you then manage your emotions?..The Self branding aspect is very key. Yes, the jobs are not available but a few that we need to compete for, what would employers be looking out for? Branding is attitudes and skills and all that put together“, he noted.


The Director of Career Development, Madam Philomena Aboagye, in a presentation on how strategically service persons can position themselves in a competitive world of work, advised they invest their time in research.

“Every day, thousands of students graduate from universities making the labour market very competitive. Huge number of applicants struggle for very limited job openings and any job you apply today is perhaps getting 1000s of applicants. So how you are going to position yourself strategically in a competitive world of work is very crucial…First, search for job openings. So you do that through career fairs, attend career fairs, read newspapers, job search on the net and from professional associations…Number two is to do your research about jobs. Go to company’s website to know what they want. Read about their vision, mission, values and products and services. Google the company to find written articles and press releases and master in soft skills. You need at least some of the soft skills such as communication skills. That is a person who is able to communicate with people, whether they are clients customers, colleagues, employers, or vendors have the opportunity to land their dream job”, she said.

Madam Philomena Aboagye further conscientized the students on the need to build their leadership skills to stand a better chance of securing job.

“Employers want candidates who can analyze the situations and make an informed decisions which is critical thinkers. Employers will want employees who will be friendly to others, eager to work and generally a pleasure to be around, thus people with positive attitude. So if you want to land in your dream job, have a positive attitude. Employers want employees who can work well with other people or with colleagues. That is team player. So if you cannot work in a team, then you can be competitive. So teamwork is also a soft skill. Employers want to know that if applicants have what it takes to become a leader in the future, that is a candidate with competent leadership skills. So if you cannot lead then you have to start learning how to lead now”, she added.

A Deputy Registrar, in-charge of Human Resource at TTU, Joseph Eshun in addition to congratulating the personnel for their service over the period, also called on the personnel to make way for the next batch for National Service Personnel to also come and learn.


On his part, the TTU’s Acting Director of Public Affairs, Solomon Kwaku Owusu encouraged personnel from TTU to join the TTU Alumni Association benefit from the numerous advantages that comes with it.

The outgoing National Service Personnel were presented with testimonial of service.




Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson