Department of Computer Science

Dr. Hilary Ackah-Arthur, HoD

The Department of Computer Science was established in 2000 as a servicing department. Currently, it has grown into a department that runs full-time courses together with the servicing responsibilities it originally had to handle. It also has the Directorate of ICT Services attached to it. The Department has the mandate to train and equip students with employable technological skills needed to resolve industrial challenges. The Directorate of ICT Services, on the other hand, is mandated to handle all the technological problems of the University; it is also mandated to give professional ICT advice to the Management of the University.

The Department of Computer Science is committed to bridging the gap between computer science and other disciplines in the area of research and professional engagements in a bid to empower people to use science to impact society positively.


The Department of Computer Science provides psychological, physical and cognitive technological training which equips students with employable skills that are needed to mitigate industrial IT challenges.


The goals of the Department are to:
1. Train students to be very knowledgeable in Information Technology;
2. Equip students with employable skills that they require to function effectively in industry; and
3. Ensure the smooth running all of the University’s ICT infrastructure.


The core objective of the Department is to equip students with the necessary ICT competencies that will enable them fit the work environment either as emplyeees or as entrepreneurs.

The ICT Department runs the following programmes:
1. BTech in Information Technology
2. HND in Information and Communication Technology (3 years)
3. Non-Tertiary Diploma programme in Information Technology (2 years)



Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson