Department of Secretaryship and Management Studies

Mrs. Monica D.T.A. Yawson, HoD

The Department of Secretaryship & Management Studies trains students to become competent professional secretaries with adequate skills and knowledge required in modern business offices. One key specific competence the Department is noted for imparting on students is that they are afforded the opportunity to become bilingual secretaries (English language and French language).


To become a world-class centre of excellence for the training of Secretarial and Human Resource personnel both locally and internationally.


The mission of the Department is to produce highly skilled and resourceful secretaries with competency based training who have the requisite technical knowledge, broad outlook and acute awareness of both national and international issues in order to function effectively and efficiently on the job.


The objectives of the Department are to:

1. Equip students with a wide range of secretarial skills;
2. Equip students with effective communication skills in the English and French languages;
3. Help students to develop excellent interpersonal skills and personality traitsto help them function competently on the job; and
4. Improve students’ knowledge on current relevant issues in the management of human, financial and physical resources at work.


The Department of Secretaryship & Management Studies runs the following programmes:

1. Bachelor of Technology in Secretaryship and Management Studies;
2. Higher National Diploma in Secretaryship & Management Studies; as well as
3. Diploma in Office Management



Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson