Department of Interior Design Technology

Mr. Seth Braimah, HoD

The Department of Interior Design & Technology (Formally, Furniture Design and Production) runs a programme in HND Interior Design and Technology. Some of the courses offered are Material Science and Technology, Joinery, Upholstery, AutoCAD, Effective Resource Management, Total Quality Management, Principles of Design, Occupational Health and Safety, among others. Those Courses are taught as Modulus and training systems used is the Competency-Based Training (CBT).

The students enrolled on the HND Interior Design and Technology programme will complete as Interior Technologists, and can be employed as Production Managers/Supervisors in Furniture and Joinery companies, Maintenance Officers in Estate, Designers in Furniture and Joinery companies, Cost estimators in Building and Furniture set-ups, Designers, Consultants in interior decoration, joinery and furniture production, Contractors in Interior fixtures and others.

The Production unit, with its well-equipped workshops and experienced technicians, undertake all kinds of interior works with materials such as wood, aluminum Perspex among others. We fabricate by order for all categories of customers. We also undertake upholstery works.

To be a leading department seen as distinguished provider of academic programmes and research in Interior Design Technology

To provide state of the art interior design education by combining theory and practice through competency-based training approach to prepare students for career opportunities at the local and international levels.

The objectives of the department are as fellows;
1. To provide students for a professional career in Interior Design and related field.
2. To create a strong foundation in the basic principles and elements of interior design technology.
3. To develop technical skills in applying interior design technology core principles in a wide variety of projects.
4. To work collaboratively and effectively in technology and interior design related industries.


The goals of the Department are as fellows:

1. To provide the highest level of academic quality.
2. To train students on how to deal with latest engineering science and applied research in interior design technology.


The strategies of the Department are the following:

1. To provide courses in problem analysis, concept development, design communication, specification and professional practices.
2. To work placements and partnering students with industry mentors in order to research and develop projects in interior design.
3. To expose students to the latest design strategies and innovative materials in areas of interior design technology such as commercial and residential design.
4. To organize field trips to enable students observe and reflect on theoretical contexts as the perception of space and human interaction with built environment.


The Department of Interior Design and Technology currently offers HND Interior Design Technology.



Everything that I learned at TTU really helped put me above the competition in the field of mechanical engineering.

Adowa Koomson