Directorate of ICT Services

The Directorate advises the University on its technological endeavours and builds and maintains the University’s technological infrastructure. Specifically, its mandates include: equipment maintenance and support, networking and infrastructural development, student and staff information management systems and web development and maintenance. The University’s aim of enhancing the potential of ICT to enhance services to staff and students is being met through the automation of various management functions and processes through established integrated Management Information Systems.
The focus of automation falls under two categories – Academic and Administrative.

The Academic includes:Library services and Teaching/Learning (E-learning).

The administrative includes:Human resource management, Academic Records Management, Financial Management and Academic and Research systems. The University has improved its academic and research work through information systems that support the efficient management of academic and research processes. These include e-learning, the library and academic support applications.

The Directorate has five sections which amalgamate to deliver services for the University community. These sections are:

1. Networking:The mandate of the Networking Section is to provide access to internet to all facilities of the University. Also, it ensures regular maintenance of both land and Wi-Fi connectivity of internet to the entire University. Again, it provides the hardware platform on which all the central network services are run. It provides a major switch for the data communication network that facilitates the Library Information System.

2. Hardware:This Section advises on procurement, installation of ICT equipment, maintenance and servicing of all computers and accessories in order to ensure smooth running of ICT resources in the University. This section is in charge of maintenance works and servicing of all ICT laboratories of the University.

3. Software:The Software Section of the Directorate is responsible for the development, purchases and maintenance of all software needs of the University.

4. Web and Multimedia:The Web and Multimedia Section provides facilities for the storage of information formatted as web pages and also makes such information accessible to the University community and the general public. The section is responsible for the development of websites, management and publishing of contents to all users of the internet. The section is also responsible for the management of institutional emails for both staff and students. The Web and Multimedia Section handles all the multimedia needs of the University ranging from photography, video productions, online streaming, motion graphics and general graphic design. The Section collaborates with the Public Relations Office in handling the social media presence of the University.

5. Data Processing:This Section is responsible for data collection, maintenance, recording and management for the University. It ensures the provision of accurate data on students and staff.



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