The outgoing National Service Personnel have been challenged to avoid greener pastures outside the shores of Ghana but utilize skills and knowledge acquired during their service in finding something meaningful to do in Ghana. The Registrar of Takoradi Technical University, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, gave the challenge during a send-off ceremony for the 2021 outgoing national service personnel who served in various offices at the university. Dr. Abnory urged them to create jobs with their acquired knowledge and skills to help build Ghana and refrain from travelling abroad.

"I challenge you to create one job and employ one individual. It is possible, it is doable…The choice is yours to use all the knowledge you have acquired to turn things around the country and mother Ghana. I will therefore encourage you not to join the bandwagon of second slavery. It is good if you get scholarship to do your PhD abroad or to visit a relative, it is okay. But if you will leave the shores of Ghana to go and clean the white man's toilet, to watch over his cars just because you want to go abroad, then am sorry you are not a literate person. Then you are not educated. Let's stay in Ghana and make it better", he said.

Touching on strategies to enhance their chances of securing job in the highly competitive job market, the Registrar of TTU advised the personnel to network and create productive relationship.

"If today you are searching for job, note that you can't do it alone, networking is very important. The difference between you and I and your mother and my illiterate uncle at home is that he didn't go to school and for that matter does not have a classmates. He didn't do national service and does not have a colleague. At least you have a friend. The quality of the people you know and the friendship you keep here will offer you that job. Don't look beyond your friend sitting beside you, everybody has a potential", he added.

The registrar, however, on behalf of the leadership of TTU expressed appreciation for the immense contributions by the service personnel to the University and also asked them to continue to be good ambassadors of TTU by embodying the good moral and ethical principles as they go out to the world of work.

The outgoing 2021 National Service Personnel were given a testimonial certificate for their service to TTU.

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