The four-day orientation for newly employed staff of Takoradi Technical University has ended with a call on staff to respect all official directives, handle all communication as well as documents they come across with the expected confidentiality. A Deputy Registrar of TTU, Kenneth Boateng, in a presentation on Work Culture at the University who gave the call in addition said there is the need for the new staff to be punctual.

Mr. Kenneth Boateng, Deputy Registrar - Faculty of Engineering

“We must be punctual in all we do. If a work is supposed to be done in a day, it should not be done in two days. You’re also to be discreet and handle documents that come to you with confidentiality. You cannot even talk to the media without the consent of authority”, he said.

The Deputy Registrar told the 173 new staff not to disgrace the interview panel and the university that gave a green light to their employment out of the over 6,000 applicants. He advised them to embrace training and development as well as the university’s culture of team work.

Cross section of some Senior and Junior Staff present at the orientation

“We don’t work in isolation, so you need to do your work, push to the next level, let’s say the procurement for them to also finalize it for timely procurement of essentials for the running of the university...You can also be transferred to other departments to learn and be more beneficial to the university. We don’t transfer to punish but we transfer for you to learn other things and be more beneficial to the university.”

Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory who is the Registrar of TTU, responding to the questions on how to handle whistleblowers said persons with information on wrongful conduct that can hurt the university must consult appropriate authorities like the university Registery.

Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, Registrar

“if you notice a colleague is doing something wrong or criminal like the forgery of documents, use the appropriate channels like the registry to report for timely response. Please don’t also for the sake of wanting to destroy somebody attempt to report falsehood about anyone. That would be criminal and there is punishment for that”, he said.

The Registrar in his presentation on Human Relations and why it fails said the university is working towards a culture of servant leadership hence urged new staff to emulate that to allow subordinates to function. “Employees are expected to use some mechanisms such as effective communication, leadership and decision making to achieve good human relations and organizational objectives. When we say good communication, it is not the one that you speak with laud voice but the one you speak and wait to listen for a feedback. There is also the need to watch what you say because your actions or what you do can unmake TTU. Your behavior in this university and outside has a lot of impact on TTU”, he said.

Cross section of some Senior and Junior Staff present at the orientation

Dr. Abnory further cautioned superiors not to abuse their subordinates. “You cannot treat human beings as machines. You see your subordinate is that tired but you still insist on certain deliverables. Show empathy!...Listen to their concerns to help achieve the best out of them. Relationship also fails when people take advantage of others who cannot also express it. You need to stay within your space as a manager or whatever position and not necessary Lord over people or interfere with their operations to allow them to function effectively”, he added.

He however took the new staff through TTU’s guidelines for a successful relationship and challenged them to observe the university’s dress code as well as become good ambassadors of Takoradi Technical University. A special tour was organized for the new employees to the two satellite campuses of TTU which are the Faculty of Engineering at Aketekyi and Faculty of Business at Butumajebu.