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The Registrar of Takoradi Technical University, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, has chastised staff of TTU to stop the unnecessary toxic behaviors exhibited by some staff that only disrupts the agenda of the University. Dr. Moses Abnory was addressing staff of Faculty of Business Studies as part of the Registrar’s three-day interaction with the various faculty administrative staff of the university and urged staff to rather refocus their energies in research and encourage others than the unproductive gossips.

“What I have observed here is that there are toxic behaviors which is disrupting the University’s forward match. Unfortunately, authorities get to hear all that is said about them hence we must stop such behaviors… If we want to move forward as TTU, we have to stop such toxic behaviors and unnecessary gossips that only detracts TTU’s agenda. Let’s focus on our research and other useful things that helps to drive the TTU agenda. Again we must try to inspire others to push the TTU agenda”, he said.

On the implementation of the 5-year strategic plan, the Registrar said the expectation of the Faculty is to help in rebranding the curriculum, improve visibility, ensure mentorship for others and show respect to all, including students. Dr. Abnory however said the purpose of the interaction is important to bring information down to all and get everyone in line with the overall objective of achieving the intent of the 5-year Strategic plan as well as gather information from the ground to inform planning and rethinking of policy. He therefore said the Dean of Faculty is both an academic and administrative leader representing the Vice Chancellor hence must be allowed to function for the interest of the Faculty.

The Director of Academic Affairs, Gabriel Okronipa, who took the administrative staff through the student’s handbook and the NABTEX guide reminded them to exercise caution when it comes to change of student’s name.

“If a student apply for Change of name, the head of department must always refer to the two documents for direction before granting or not. This is so because it is not permissible for students to change their names but newly married ones can apply for consideration”, he said.

Mr. Gabriel Okronipa in addition to addressing issues with transcripts preparation also gave direction on how administrative staff can treat issues of resits and deferment.

“The student handbook gives a clear direction on how to handle a student who fails to write exams. A candidate who fails to write examination except for medical reasons shall be deemed to have failed the exams… On deferment, NABTEX guide book gives clear direction on deferment which allows a student two years to defer but application for deferment after the eight weeks of a semester cannot be granted”, he added.

The Dean of Faculty of Business Studies, Prof Solomon Abekah Keelson encouraged administrative staff of the Faculty to try as much as possible to work with the various accepted handbooks to serve as a guide to effective delivery of their responsibilities.

Source: TTU PR Office

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