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SIC Insurance donate computers to Takoradi Technical University | Takoradi Technical University
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SIC Insurance donate computers to Takoradi Technical University

SIC Insurance as part of its corporate social investment has donated 10 HP Desktop computers to the Takoradi Technical University. Speaking at the presentation, the Managing Director of SIC Insurance, Dr. Stephen Oduro, said the presentation of the HP computers with its memories ranging from 4 gigabyte and 1 terabyte of hard disk is meant to support the teaching and learning at TTU.

Dr. Oduro said the GHS35,000 worth of computers form part of SIC Insurance’s Corporate Social Investment for the overall production of the right workforce from Takoradi Technical University.

“SIC and this institution has been in business since 2008...I want to reiterate that in SIC we have one and only motto; our promise is sacred, and therefore the moment we give our word, we stick by it. Whether through difficult times or not so difficult times. All that I will say is that let this marriage continue and also strengthen that by adding more businesses. You will get more and more from us so long as I sit in a managerial position. We will make sure that we continue to help the institution because you never know, maybe tomorrow, there’ll be a student frown here that will become the next Managing Director,” he said.

In a response to a request from the Dean of TTU’s Liberal Studies, Dr. Adwoa Kwagyiriba, for a special insurance package for TTU staff, the Managing Director of SIC Insurance hinted of an insurance package.

“When we say ‘panyin dze panyin’, it means that you are talking about SIC. We have policies that we call fleet, where we have a whole bunch that we consider as a policy and then, the discount will kick in. So i have directed my regional manager to start working on that special insurance package for you.” he added.

The Vice Chancellor of Takoradi Technical University, Rev. Prof. John Frank Eshun, who also on behalf of the TTU presented a souvenir including the TTU’s 5-year strategic plan while thanking SIC Insurance called for more support.

“the staff and students of the university thank you for this kind gesture. We are in need of computers and that is why we are very happy and appreciate that you could fulfil your promise. I believe there’s more that we can do. As we deepen our relationship, there are a lot of things that we can sit down and think about and then do as business. So, once again, we thank you for this kind gesture.“ he said.

The Registrar of TTU, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, while adding his voice of appreciation to SIC Insurance noted that such help goes to support in the quality of workforce the universities produce for institutions such as SIC Insurance and for overall society’s development.

“Once you have quality students been churned out, the likelihood that you will have quality workforce guaranteed and the implication is that you may also have quality business. And when you have very quality business and services, then the likelihood is that you get quality sales. And If your sales levels are high, all other things, being constant, will profit market pull. So, I, together with all of us in the educational enterprise think that businesses must rather pay particular attention to the kind of products the training institutions are producing. This is because, if you produce garbage, you have to deal with the garbage. If we produce quality students for you, even the less money you spend in training them will yield more. Therefore, this little gesture you have given us is huge. So, we say once again, ‘God bless you’.“, he said.

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