The Registrar of Takoradi Technical University, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, has asked newly appointed academic and administrative heads at the university to at all times cautiously ponder over their actions and inactions if they are within the laws of the country and progressive for the university. His caution comes in the wake of the Author General’s recent scrutiny of public institutions amidst punitive actions especially against some higher educational institutions. Speaking at the opening of a 4-day orientation for newly appointed academic and administrative heads of TTU, Dr. Moses Maclean Abnory, said while there is the need for heads to be careful, they also need to be supported to be successful.

“All of us under various positions should be mindful of these. I'm sure it will take TTU a little bit further. Having said so, the structures are good, leadership, reward and all that but looking at our current dispensation growing, it is important to always ask ourselves if the strategy being pursued is practical, economical, ethical and legal. Your actions and responsibilities are tied to these things…So I expect each and every one of us to occasionally sit back and ask, do self-evaluation if steps being taken are practical, ethical, economical and indeed, am I within the framework of laws of this country. Colleagues interested in leadership and senior members like you, can be passionately supportive about the institution which will make a positive difference”, he said.

The Vice Chancellor of TTU, Rev. Prof John Frank Eshun, while congratulating the newly appointed Deans, Directors and Heads, of various Departments, Faculties, Centres and Directorates of the University, also reminded them of the need to help achieve TTU’s current five year strategic plan to make it a Centre of TVET education.

“Your appointment and assumption of office in whatever capacity is simply for you to be a game changer and leave an indelible mark that can stand the test of time. I will urge you all to adopt proper planning, prudent financial management as well as effective management of academic and administrative staff of your respective offices. You must comply with both internal and external quality assurance procedures including ensuring punctuality of lectures, effective supervision, preparation of course material and international best practices. Most of our program accreditation are due for reaccreditation and it is your responsibility to start or initiate this process. As a technical university, 80% of our core responsibilities are based on teaching and research. Let us endeavour to work hard to make the needed impacts on our students to become relevant in the kind of society we find ourselves. Ultimately, the aim is to make TTU a centre of excellence and I expect you to journey with me on this path…Your appointment as heads of directorates, faculties and departments place on your shoulders the responsibility of following up on the University’s 5-year strategic plan and other policy documents to its full implementation. I am confident that in all of this effort, our aim is for TTU to move forward honouring its commitment as the most preferred choice in higher level education TVET”, he said.

Rev. Prof Eshun warned against lackadaisical attitude of Heads of Departments who fail to even act on absenteeism that affects academic and administrative work. In all, 103 Deans, Directors and Heads, of various Departments, Faculties, Centres and Directorates are benefiting the four-day orientation to equip them with the needed skills to excel at their responsibilities at the University and it is expected to come to a close on Friday August 20th, 2021.

Source: TTU PR Office

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