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Mr. Joseph Mensah Oti-Asirifi, Head

The Disability Support Services Unit (DSSU) was established in 2018 to provide special support and services for students with disabilities enrolled at Takoradi Technical University. Takoradi Technical University believes that disability is an integral aspect of a diversified society, hence the need to encourage self-determination to ensure equal opportunities for our students with disabilities. The objective is to provide an academic environment that does not only enhances their inclusion in university activities, but also increases their chances of success in their studies, reducing barriers and providing personal essential support services to help disability students achieve their educational and career goals.

DSSU has been mandated to create an environment that promotes access and participation of students with disabilities in the curricula and co-curricular activities.  DSSU offers a wide range of services which include but not limited to: educational and psycho-social support, academic and learner support, alternate time-table and lecture arrangements, assistive medical and health services. The overall objective is to promote access and equity for students who have a disability.

To be an excellent Disability Service provider across the Technical Universities in Ghana.

To providing wider access, high quality, strive for equity and recognition and provide innovative services to students with disabilities.

i. Counseling services
ii. Translation, interpreter and narrator services
iii. Academic and non-academic services
iv. Advocacy and awareness within the University community
v. Coordinate University events on behalf of student and staff with disability

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