Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor

The Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor oversees the Academic Affairs Department of the University, and is involved in all the academic programmes, educational opportunities and research. It works on strategic planning and policy development, promoting campus-wide academic initiatives and maintaining international academic standards.

The Pro Vice Chancellor who is the head of the office reports to the Vice Chancellor; he is responsible for providing senior level leadership, strategic and action plans. These include:

1. Academic development support

2. Teaching performance

3. Academic policies and programmes

4. Quality enhancement of learning and teaching in the Polytechnic


The Pro Vice Chancellor chairs the following Committees/Boards:

1. Disciplinary Board

2. Administration Appointments and Promotion Committee

3. Joint Admission Board

4. Industrial Liaison Committee

5. Students Affairs Committee

6. Academic Quality Assurance Management Committee

The office is supported by the registry, which provides comprehensive support services that are integral to the achievement of the overall objectives of the office.