Directorate of Finance

Emmanuel Boadi
Emmanuel Boadi, Director of Finance

The Finance Directorate is responsible for all areas of financial activities in the university. It reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for the day-to-day financial management of the university funds in order to support teaching, learning, research, administrative activities and extension services. The Finance Directorate works closely with the Office of the Registrar to keep financial records of both staff and students.

The Finance Directorate is organised under six main departments to facilitate the free-flow of work and the provision of financial information concerning staff, students and the university as a whole. The department initially had four units and additional two has been created as follows:

1. Treasury and Endowment Fund Management
2. Financial Reporting and Compliance
3. IGF and Halls Management
4. Payroll Management
5. Budget Unit
6. Stores

The Finance Directorate has been decentralized and each of the faculties and offices ( Business and Management studies, Applied Sciences, Applied Arts and Technology, Engineering, Built and Natural Environment, Specialised Unit, Works and Physical Development and the Internet Café ) has an office responsible for handling all their financial matters.