Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for all areas of administrative activities in the University and reports to the Vice Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the University to support teaching, research and extension services. The office co-ordinates activities of the three main administrative sections within the University: General Administration, Academic Affairs and Personnel.


The Registrar's broad responsibilities include the supervision and co-ordination of the University's administrative machinery and the following functions:

a) Council Matters

b) Recruitment (Senior Members)

c) Award of Honorary Degrees

d) University Seal

e) Appointment and Promotions

f) Disciplinary Matters

g) General Enquiries about the University


The officer-in-charge of General Administration Section is responsible to the Registrar. The officer's duties include the following:

1. Secretarial services for the University Council and its sub-committees and the Academic Board

2. Responsible for Municipal and Estate Services

3. Board of Survey

4. Consular/Immigration Matters

5. Co-ordinating Policies


The Personnel Section is responsible for matters concerning the staff, such as:

1. Recruitment

2. Training

3. Promotion

4. Discipline

5. Welfare

6. Retirement/Resignations


The Academic Affairs Section handles admissions and examinations, students' records and serves as a secretariat for the Faculty Boards. The section co-ordinates all University examinations and other external examinations.

The Academic Section is responsible to the Registrar for all academic matters. These include:

1. Academic Board Matters

2. Implementation of Admissions and Registration Policies

3. Time-Table Matters

4. University Examinations

5. Matriculation and Orientation of freshmen

6. Congregation Matters and

7. Academic Planning Matters


The Registrar's office has responsibility to ensure that all organs, officers and members of the University are made aware of relevant regulations and policies that may arise in the future.