Internal Audit Unit

The primary purpose of the Internal Audit Unit is to carry out audits and professional evaluations of the activities of Takoradi Polytechnic.



The internal audit unit is authorised to examine all activities for the purpose of evaluating the internal control, with specific responsibilities:

1. To reassure the heads of departments that their arrangements for internal control are adequate and efficient and that they are being properly complied with.

2. To identify and report to the Rector any weakness in control and any procedures that are unsound

3. To offer feasible recommendations for improving performance and preventing future short comings.

4. To vouch all payables before payments are made.

The internal audit unit is not empowered to make changes in systems, methods or staffing; rather, the role of the unit is to act as agent for change by making recommendations to management from an impartial viewpoint.


Organisational Status

The internal audit unit is responsible to the Rector. This reporting line enables it to examine all functions objectively without being constrained by other heads of departments.

The internal audit unit and management share a common aim to achieve effective internal control.